Halloween Town


I haven’t been blogging much recently, with everything its been extremely busy and we have been spending every moment we can with the family.

Its only taken me since February as well to settle into a real work and motherhood balance that I can deal it. To all the working mothers out there ill raise a glass to you tonight !!

With all that said, this time of year is my absolute favorite. There is just something extra special about Autumn that I just love.



Doesn’t having kids make everything like a thousand times more fun. Halloween this year I went to town! Quite literally. Our house turned into a real life Halloween town style cavern.

I have started doing things with Evelyn that I want to become traditions every year so we can get super excited about holidays. I took her pumpkin patching 4 times, which led me to have to deal with 23 pumpkins, but we had so much fun running around the fields picking up the biggest pumpkins ever and collecting all the decorations we could. Was such a nice bonding moment for me and Evelyn and if anyone is from the West Midlands I would recommend the Wasperton Farm in Warwick, its completely free to go and the family that run the farm are so friendly and also Hatton Country World we booked our tickets in advance but there is so much there to do and every child gets a free pumpkin.

As it was Evelyn’ second Halloween, I decided we would go trick or treating to a few doors in the street. We had all my friends around with their children who Evelyn grew up with and played loads of Halloween games, dressed up and danced down to the monster munch and maybe one or two bottles of champagne were drank!

Cant believe its nearly the end of year already, where has this year gone! Count down to Christmas begins!!!

Hope you all had a wicked Halloween.


I have done a quick round up of some of our photos 🙂


halloween-10 halloween-9 halloween-4 halloween-5 halloween-3 halloween-8 halloween-2 halloween-13 halloween-12 halloween-11 halloween-6halloween-14



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Living with a Child who is Lactose intolerant


I went a whole year without even having an idea that my baby had an intolerance. We all give birth to these beautiful babies and want them to be perfect.

I know an intolerance is nothing to be too worried about, and in fact most children do grow out of it but I still felt so guilty. A whole year she went unable to tell me that actually my breast milk hurt her belly or even when she was on formula it was the reason she didn’t want to eat much and some times full on refuse to eat anything. Those sleepless nights where she would wake up screaming as if she was pain and me having no idea what was up. I felt like I had failed somehow. How did I not pick up on it? Why didn’t I know?

Now she is a different child, more then happy nothing goes through her and she eats everything and anything I put in front of her. Her milk has been changed and even though I have to make food just for her I am happy she is happy. That’s all well and good when we are at home or popping to friends and family but we have come across another issue. Eating out.

As a family we love eating out and meeting up with friends is a needs must in our lives, but I am finding everywhere I go I am having to pack a lunch for baby. No where and so far I mean no where caters for those who are lactose intolerant. I have asked in serval food chains if they happen to have soya milk for milkshakes or lactose free ice cream for puddings or if I could see what lunches they do that are lactose free and people look at me like I am mad, or as if I spoke alien to them. How now a days is this the case? Surely other people have intolerances than just my child. I often want to say to the staff would you like to explain to a little girl why everyone else is having ice cream but she cant?

We have been one place where my daughter was actually allowed to sit and have something we ordered for her, and that was Starbucks. She was so happy with her tiny little cup, that had child soya milk that Starbucks actually had in stock. We all had matching little cups and for once I didn’t have to pull out a lunch box so she had something so she didn’t feel left out. Right now she isn’t at the age where she understands fully but when she is older she is going to feel like an outcast, everyone else gets to eat what they want yet she has to sit there with a lunch box.

Her intolerance isn’t a big deal, but how when items are so easy to get hold of that companies still make it a big deal.

Other than that I have to say all the lactose free food is actually rather yummy and I am enjoying finding new things to make her. I would never be able to tell the difference in real and fake cheese, the pizza I made was a huge hit in this household. Going to try and make coconut and raspberry muffins for her, and for anyone who knows me I’m not a huge cook so this could be fun!



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Moments like these


When you’re covered in food, rosy cheeked, tangled haired and so tired you fall asleep on my shoulder, it’s moments like these I’ll forever treasure.

The independence can wait I want you to stay this way forever, dependant on me and glued to my hip.

I don’t mind you calling my name in the middle of the night because one day I’ll long to cuddle you back to sleep, those moments were its just you and me and the darkness of the night.

Gazed knees will come and go but don’t rush to let go of my hand whilst you walk.

The moment you call me Mum, I’ll think back to the first time you muttered mama!

When i watch you leave, I will ache for it to be the day I bought you home.

As you sit on my lap, cuddled in to me I whisper don’t grow up to fast my child the world can wait another day, please stay this little a little while longer. Let’s make more moments like these

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Survival list

Watching friends have children before my daughter was born I would sit back and think who on earth needs all that stuff. How many nappies does one child really need, and does anyone actually need a bottle warmer?

… And then my daughter was born, and everything I ever questioned suddenly made sense! I bought so many things whilst I was pregnant I wondered if I would ever get round to using it all but I can honestly say there isn’t a single thing I didn’t use, but there were certain items that I would say every mum needs in their first year survival kit.

1. A nappy basket in every room

This is such a simple one but I can’t explain how easy it made things, I didn’t have to run up and down the stairs every time she needed changing because I had a basket downstairs which always felt like it had a lifetime supply of nappies, creams, burp cloths, vests and pjs. I still even have this now.

2. Amber teething necklace

This isn’t for everyone, but I have actually swore by it. I took it off her for a few weeks just to see and the day I put it back on she started sleeping through again. If this is something you would like to try make sure you buy the real thing, there is so many fakes about.

3. Teddy Blankie

When I went into early labour, the nurse said I should sleep with something that my daughter could have if she was born early to always have the smell of me. I slept with this little teddy holding a blanket, since day 1 she has had this and when she was ever upset or cranky somehow this teddy calmed her down. Now a days we have 3 of them just in case but she still is always carrying it around.

4. Loved so much baby bouncer

Heaven! It vibrated, and sang songs and when I collapsed it down I cried. If only she could still fit into it. For younger babies it is a perfect way to keep them safe if your ironing, having a quick snack or just to have a sit down by yourself.

5. Tommee Tippee Bottle warmer

After I stopped breast feeding this during the night was amazing! I didn’t have to run downstairs to warm a bottle up as I kept the warmer next to my bed, it just made night feeds just that bit easier.

6. Pregnancy support pillow

Towards the end of my pregnant I couldn’t sleep, with this I could sleep anywhere they are designed to help and support you! After my daughter was born I used it as a feeding pillow and a tummy time pillow it was worth every penny.

7. A compartment filled nappy bag

I always left the house like we were going away for a week, but having a perfect nappy bag with a compartment for everything made it so easy not to forget anything.

8. Baby sling

This takes some time to get use to but once you get the hang of it, it is so worth the practice! My daughter suffered from acid reflux and somedays putting her in the sling was the only way I would get anything done. It came on holiday with us and being able to walk around the airport collecting my luggage and having both hands free was a complete luxury.

9. A good do it all pram

Now a days you can get some great deals on prams, but I would highly recommend a travel system with car seat. Being able to take the car seat out the car and straight on the frame makes life so much easier especially if you are a first time mum wondering out on your own, you don’t have a million free hands.

10. A few things for you

Waist Trainer, this was more of an old wives tale but I it worked wonders!

Good supportive under wear, whether you are nursing or not. Stretch mark cream, even after having a baby keeping the belly, hips and thighs oiled up will stop any little ones creeping up. Plenty of nursing pads and maternity pads, you will be surprised how many you use. Plenty of coffee and lastly a huge pat on the back!


Even after all of that the one thing I couldn’t have coped without, was my mum. Even if it was just for a cup of tea or a reassuring smile, she is always on hand for when I just needed a helping hand

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