Rips and Heels


I am in love with these shoes!!

During the winter I don’t really wear jeans, for me jeans are a spring time thing. When its cold I am a legging and boots kind of girl.

Since it is technically spring even if the weather doesn’t agree with it I have dug out my favorite pair of jeans. I bought these when I was pregnant and they were my “I will fit into these after I have burst” jeans. Two weeks after I popped I fitted into them and have loved them ever since. They are from Next but they are no longer in stock but they do plenty just like them.

As I am quite small, flats and jeans make me feel dumpy and even smaller so I always pair them with a cute pair of heels. As it isn’t sandal type of weather in the UK yet these half open lace up shoes are just perfect and actually look amazing with skirts as well. They come in blush pink too!!!! Super cute and not expensive. Asos have done well with these.
I said in a previous post about shoes that lace up are so in for this season and I don’t think it will be ending anytime soon as it looks cute with everything.

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Spring Time Must Haves


I have always been into bags and shoes big time, but since becoming a mum heels aren’t always my go to anymore.

A great pair of flat shoes are a must, especially when you are running after a toddler most of the time.

This year lace up flats have been right on trend, at first i questioned if i could ever really get on with them but i couldn’t have been more wrong. The pair pictured are from River Island and don’t think i have ever wore such a comfy shoe in my life and so perfect for the changing weather.

Another must have is a large bag! The bag pictured is perfect, there seems to be a lot of tan around currently which looks great with jeans in the spring, it also holds everything myself and baby b needs and i don’t feel like i loose everything inside it either, its super soft and easy to carry around. This bag is from Dorothy Perkins

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