366 days down, a lifetime left.


Full of mixed emotions, I’m sure every parent goes through it.
The first birthday draws closer and yet you can’t deicide to be happy, sad, excited or do you let the anxiety wash over you.

Being caught in an emotional break down of the fact I’ve been called mummy for nearly a whole year and yet i don’t know whats more depressing, that she is growing so fast or the fact I’m still carrying the tummy.

On the other hand i couldn’t be more happier that this sweet baby has grown into the most perfect stroppiest drama queen of a toddler. Who can not help but make you smile.

But when the days race a head of you and another evening ends with her in bed, you can’t help but wonder where does the time go? One moment you’re packing a hospital bag full of worry and uncertainty, waiting to see this face thats been growing so wonderfully inside you. The next you’re holding her hand whilst she takes her first few steps and planning the day where she goes from baby to toddler.

Do the days ever slow down or do you just soak it up way more than you should just so you don’t ever forget what that moment feels like.

For now i wait for the tantrums, the grazed knees, the first sentences, the first day of school and watching her grow everyday into an even more perfect little girl.

Here is to turning 1.

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